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Sabeti Wain Aerospace supports Starfish International

Sabeti Wain Aerospace supports a number of charities and organisations both locally and across the globe. One of the organisations we support is Starfish International, a non-profit organisation based in The Gambia, West Africa. We donate materials no longer required for the manufacturing process.

Starfish International aims to provide exceptional education to as many Gambian youth as possible. They hope to create a just and equitable world where young people, especially girls, are given a chance for higher education, vocational training and processional development.

Our donations are being used at the Starfish Skill Centre and Starfish Art Gallery to teach sewing, arts, and craft productions.

"We believe that everyone deserves a safe and secure world and that girls' education is the most efficient solution to many problems existing in low-income communities. To achieve this, we teach our girls valuable skills that they can use to be independent, and we expose them to self-development opportunities that equip them to speak out against the social injustices that hinder their advancement."

To find out more about Starfish International and how you can support them please visit 🌟

"Together, we believe that our service to humanity will make a lasting impact in the world."


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