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Latest Projects

JetBlue LR Aircraft Photography_Phillip Reed_473.jpg
JetBlue A321 NEO
Even More Space
JetBlue A321 NEO
JetBlue Mint
Etihad SD (1).jpg
Etihad A350 SD

© Photo By Etihad Airways

Aegean Meridian
Finnair Economy .jpg
Finnair A350 Economy

© Photo By Finnair

Fering Pioneer


We have collaborated with Fering Technologies on a new and exciting project the Fering Pioneer! Using our world leading expertise in lightweight aerospace design and manufacture we have assisted to research, develop and produce lightweight, washable interior and exterior skin panels from canvas similar to that used in hiking boots. The fabric chosen brings with it a number of benefits: it is lighter; less prone to damage and is more insulating that the usual metal skins used in most vehicles, meaning the vehicle can thrive in the extreme conditions of the cold polar regions and arid deserts.

A big thank you to the Fering Team for including us it this incredible project.

DP1207 Truck 3.jpg
DP1207 Truck.jpg
Orbis (1).jpg
Orbis (2).jpg

Orbis International


Sabeti Wain Aerospace had the honor of being involved in the Orbis International Flying Eye Hospital seat cover refresh alongside LIFT Aero Design, Botany Weaving, Replin by Hainsworth, Schneller LLC, Tapis Coporation and Mankiewicz Aviation Coatings.

The design was inspired by the Landolt C Vision Test highlighting the work that Orbis International does to help fight avoidable blindness. All services have been donated by the companies involved to support this amazing cause.

To learn more about Orbis and the Flying Eye Hospital, head here:


Aircraft Interiors Expo, Hamburg 2022

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