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Foam Components

2014 marked what was potentially the most significant product development since Sabeti Wain Aerospace was established - the move into foam seat base components. This expanded the company's scope from designing and producing only seat covers, to encompass all soft elements - including precision-shaped seat bases, backrests, headrests, leg rests and other items. The new facility at Sabeti Wain Aerospace Works, uses a range of safety-approved foam materials, combined with sophisticated cutting and assembly techniques.

The move offers advantages to both seating contractors and to airlines themselves. Having a single specialist supplier for all foam components ensures a perfect match between the cover and the seat every time.With both elements being produced in tandem, there is potential for exciting design innovation, paving the way for better-fitted, smarter interiors for airlines operators - and enhanced comfort for passengers and crew.


Emirates Business Class Boeing 777-300ER

With a Sabeti Wain Aerospace designed and produced back foam the dress cover is able to sit tightly within the side bolsters while still being fully removable, perfectly demonstrating the advantages of a single specialist supplier for foam components and seat dress covers.

Transatlantic JetBlue Mint

The newly revealed, transatlantic version of JetBlue Mint, showcases a mattress cushion using Tuft & Needle proprietary foam technology, fabricated by Sabeti Wain Aerospace, integrated with a Sabeti Wain Aerospace breathable soft look Dress Cover. This amalgamation has created a cool and comfortable sleep experience as well as being responsive to passenger movements, and accommodating those who prefer a softer or firmer mattress. Through numerous comfort workshops and multiple samples, Sabeti Wain Aerospace along with the team were able to optimise a comfortable, fully customisable cushion with a High Quality, Aesthetically Pleasing dress cover whilst meeting various customer design and certification requirements and expectations.

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