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Sabeti Wain Aerospace celebrates 40 Years!

What is now Sabeti Wain Aerospace started as a clothing manufacturer in Tehran, Iran. Persecuted because of their Bahá’í faith, Parviz and Mehrangiz lost everything and were facing either jail or execution due to the ayatollahs regime. Unable to contact anyone outside Iran, including their children in the UK, and fearing for their lives they had no choice but to flee Iran to neighbouring Pakistan.

Escaping Iran using money owed to them by customers, Parvis and Mehrangiz started the 2525 KM journey to Pakistan which lead them to Karachi. After contacting their children, Paymen and Mahnoush, to let them know they had fled Iran their focus was to make it to the UK. In 1982 Parviz and Mehrangiz were given permission to settle in the UK and later that year they caught a plane to London.

Rebuilding a life in the UK they founded P&M Sabeti Ltd in 1983 alongside Paymen and Mahnoush, opening a small 300 SQM factory manufacturing clothes much the same as they had in Iran. P&M Sabeti Ltd later expanded into the Aerospace industry when Nick Wain, Mahnoush’s husband, joined the board bringing with him a wealth of aerospace knowledge and experience.

P&M Sabeti has grown and diversified into the Sabeti Wain Aerospace you see today, the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of aircraft interiors and upholstery systems, with production facilities in the UK, UAE and USA.


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