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With over 30 years in the industry Sabeti Wain Aerospace has broken the barriers that existed by moving away from the mediocre looking dress covers to produce a far more aesthetically pleasing cabin. The techniques and methods used to interpret the renderings created by Designers and Airlines are the most recognised within the industry. Sabeti Wain is a pioneer of Aircraft seat cover design, adapting reliably and quickly to constantly changing industry standards and customer requirements.

 Sabeti Wain works closely with airlines, designers and seat vendors to create a bespoke set of covers that seamlessly fit into the cabin, emphasising key aspects of the airlines marketing, producing the ultimate in-flight experience. Once approved each cover is precisely hand cut by highly skilled cutters  before the vision is brought to life by specialised machinists, and hand finished with meticulous attention to detail. Each seat cover is manufactured from hand picked fabric, leather or hybrid materials sourced from the highest quality, environmentally friendly suppliers around the world. High quality,hand finished, perfectly executed seat covers paired with outstanding customer service is why Sabeti Wain Aerospace is the world leader in aircraft seat dress cover design and manufacture.

Hover over some of our bespoke designs to find out more about them.


JetBlue A321 Neo

Both JetBlue’s Core and Even More Space seats feature a custom-made, E-leather dress cover designed by Acumen and manufactured by  Sabeti Wain.

The Core dress cover has been embellished with the airline’s distinctive blue branding, while the Even More Space seats feature a bold orange halo, highlighting the increase in seat pitch. The seats also include adjustable padded headrests , ensuring all customers have the required head and neck support.

Featured in The Design Air:


Emirates Business Class Boeing 777-300ER

The design brief was to create a special automotive look that had never been seen in aviation before, showcasing a Sabeti Wain Aerospace designed and produced seat dress cover and back foam. A refined and sleek-looking interior,  the design and shape of the Business Class seat is inspired by a modern Mercedez-Benz sports car with a diamond stitch pattern on the full leather cover and ergonomically designed headrest.

Titan S6.jpg
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Titan Airways S7 Business Class

Working alongside Acro Aircraft Seating, Sabeti Wain manufactured a distinctive chevron style dress cover which perfectly compliments the ergonomically designed seats with increased  leg room for added passenger in-flight comfort.


Sabeti Wain Aerospace Pioneered the development of lamination technology. This Process allows customer-specific designs and styling features to be incorporated into seat covers. The lamination process enhances scope for styling in the seat, overall appearance and increases durability and comfort.

Sabeti Wain's unique approach means that laminated seat covers not only look better that traditional seat covers they also reduce the amount of foam used saving weight and cost without compromising on comfort.

The overall effect can be heightened further by the introduction of embossed airline logos on leather, fabric and combination seat covers.

Auto Stitching

The addition of  Auto Stitch Machines at both Sabeti Wain Aerospace High Wycombe and Dubai has allowed for elaborate and decorative embroidery to be added to dress covers to compliment the cabin, highlighting certain patterns and features used throughout the aircraft interior and airlines marketing.

Bespoke embroidery designs are created digitally and uploaded to the sewing machine allowing for more precise and specialised stitching. The computerised sewing machine is more versatile than the traditional machine being able to stitch on fabric, leather and combination seat covers with little to no adjustment .

Evolving Seat Cover Design

The industry-wide quest for savings is reflected in the evolving airlines seat cover design. Apart from comfort and compliance with safety regulations, two important considerations for airline operators are that seat covers are quick and easy to change, and that they are as light as possible.

Sabeti Wain Aerospace manufactures seat covers in fabric, leather and in combination or hybrid designs, and adapts to changing materials technology, so that the airline operators can benefit immediately from advances in weight saving, durability and ease of maintenance.

Qatar Airways Q Suite

Unveiled by Qatar Airways in 2017 the Q Suite revolutionised business class air travel , the first suite-style business class seats, complete with closing doors and a layout that could be configured for a four person family or work areas, and even double beds.

Qatar Airways are the driving force in elevating passenger experience within air travel. 

Qatar Q-Suite.jpg
Aeroflot A350 Horizon.jpg

Aeroflot A350 Horizon


Aeroflot boasts Auto Stitching on their Horizon dress covers, reflecting the wave theme within the Horizon Suite entry doors and the over head lights in the Business Class bars welcome area.

Malaysian first class.png
Malaysian Airlines A350-900 First Class

Geometric Auto Stitching adds a sophisticated and on trend look complimenting the clean lines and colour palette used within the cabin.

Quick Change Seat Covers

This design breakthrough pioneered by Sabeti Wain Aerospace was made possible because of the increased rigidity of laminated seat covers. Laminated seat covers can be held in place by fewer anchor points compared to traditional covers because of the more rigid shape.

This fixing method meant that cover change times could be reduced for 15 minutes to just 4, this reduces the timescales drastically for total refits and cuts overall downtime for operators.

The increasing size of aircraft and seat numbers, means changing seat covers can cost operators a great deal of time, money and inconvenience. For obvious economic reasons, any downtime has to be avoided.


Etihad Economy

Etihad introduce a new seat products in the economy class cabins of both aircraft using “Extra-spacial Design” seats developed by UK-based manufacturer, Acro and manufactured by Sabeti Wain Aerospace. These new seats will maintain comfortable ‘living space’ in the seat area, and provide increased knee room.

FREE Design Workshops

Sabeti Wain Aerospace offer FREE design workshops, making the vision a reality though engineering, partnership and collaboration.

BA-short-haul-seats 2.jpg

British Airways Short Haul

The elegant charcoal grey leather seats are slimmer and ergonomically designed to enable the addition of extra seats in the Euro Traveller cabin to allow more low fares. A four way moveable headrest provides comfort and support, an embossed logo in the center of the headrest further heightens the overall cabin design.


Singapore Airlines Premium Economy

A collaboration between JPA Design, Zim Flugsitz GmbH and Sabeti Wain Aerospace has resulted in the stylish new Singapore Airlines Premium Economy Seat.


An all leather design reflected in both the Business and First class seats makes the premium economy seat feel like it belongs within the new cabin upgrade. The cross hatching padding with orange accents are a stark contrast against the grey colour pallet used, paired with the bright orange cushions provided  add character to the over all look.


SouthWest Meridian

SouthWest Meridian seats are designed to be lighter, with enhanced cushion comfort and more personal space per passenger. The E-Leather allows for a sleek finish and debuts a new colour as part of SouthWest's heart re branding campaign. 


Sabeti Wain Aerospace uses ergonomics in every aspect of product design and development. With over 30 years experience within the industry, custom methods have been developed to optimise long-term durability and comfort within all products, incorporating the use of new technology such as pressure mapping.

Lightweight Seat Covers

Weight is an important driver of evolving design in aircraft interiors due to economy and fuel consumption. For one customer Sabeti Wain Aerospace redesigned their seat covers resulting in them being 2KG lighter than the existing ones, without compromising on passenger comfort. 

Sabeti Wain works directly with customers to meet other specific design challenges, resulting in some innovative solutions delivering cost saving and other operational advantages.

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