Laminated Seat Dress Covers

Sabeti Wain Aerospace make a wide range of aircraft seat and interior components but are most renowned for their laminated seat dress covers. The techniques and methods used to interpret the renderings created by Designers and Airlines are the most recognized within the industry.

Products and Services

Established in 1983, Sabeti Wain Aerospace has grown into a world leader in innovative seat dress cover design and manufacture.

With over 30 years in the industry Sabeti Wain Aerospace have led the innovation of laminated seat dress covers. Breaking the barriers that existed within the industry by moving away from the mediocre looking dress covers to help produce a far more aesthetically pleasing cabin.

Cushion Foam

In 2014, Sabeti Wain Aerospace made the move into foam fabrication. Having additional input in the design and development of the foams helps create more shape and design in the dress covers. Within 3 years SWA has already become a foam supplier to 4 major seat vendors.

Emirates Business Class Boeing 777-300ER

The design brief was to create a special automotive look that had never been seen in aviation before. With a Sabeti Wain designed and produced back foam the dress cover is able to sit tightly within the side bolsters while still being fully removable.