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About Us

What is now Sabeti Wain Aerospace began as a small clothing manufacturer in Iran, a country born of revolution and torn by religious differences. The Sabeti family saw its business, its home, its capital and assets all seized by the revolutionary guard before fleeing religious persecution and escaping to neighbouring Pakistan.

This was just the first step in a journey that would eventually see them reunited with their son and daughter in the UK. Here they were able to start their business again, and after years of hard work and sheer determination, build into the success it is today.

Now Sabeti Wain is not only the worlds leading designer and manufacturer of aircraft seat covers, with production facilities in  the UK, Dubai and America, it also represents the highest quality benchmark - effectively the standard that other manufacturers seek to emulate, and by which they are judged.

Meet The Directors

Sabeti wain_LR.jpg

Paymen Sabeti

Operations Director


Nick Wain

Technical Services Director


Mahnoush Sabeti-Wain

Business Services Director

'We are proud to have established a reputation in the aerospace industry as one of the leading designers and manufacturers of upholstery systems for airlines and seat manufacturers. This has been achieved by the hard work, encouragement and dedication of our parents Parvis and Mehrangiz Sabeti, as well as our dedicated and hard-working staff - some of whom are still part of our team 30 years on.

The directors of Sabeti Wain Aereospace acknowledge and sincerely thank all our customers and suppliers; who over the years have become part of one cohesive team working seamlessly to achieve the best results for all concerned.

The philosophy of the directors of the company has always been to consider work as form of service, always striving to push the boundaries of possibility, and as a means of providing livelihood for many people, both within the company and industry as a whole.'

Meet The Third Generation


Sama Wain


Max Sabeti


Adib Wain

Meet The Team


Jo Hockaday

General Manager


William Pennells

Production Manager

Mocksville General Manager 


Amjad Molabaksh

Dubai Operations Manager


Ryan Gavin

Engineering Manager


Gary McCarron

Quality Manager

Sabeti Wain Aerospace and the Environment

The impact of air travel on the environment is becoming increasingly high on the agenda, for both airline operators and passengers alike. Sabeti Wain has always had a strong commitment to minimising its impacts on the environment.

Sabeti Wain Aerospace takes all possible steps to minimise its carbon footprint and where possible all waste materials are recycled, this commitment is further underlined by the installation of 177 solar panels on the roof of the High Wycombe Facility. These generate power for the factory as well as allowing the company to sell surplus electricity back to the national grid.

The system saves over 27000KG of CO2 emissions each year, compared to generating the same amount of power by conventional means


Sabeti Wain Aerospace and Sports

Sabeti Wain Aerospace is a key sponsor of the Emirates Road Cycling Club (ERCC) which draws its members from Emirates Group staff and close family members.

Following major developments in Dubai's sporting facilities, it was announced that Dubai would host the International Cycling Union's Tour of Dubai in 2014. This new event in the international cycling calendar will follow from the Tour of Qatar and the Tour of Oman. In 2019 the Dubai Tour was merged with the nearby Abi Dhabi tour to create the UAE Tour.

It is hoped that with the backing of Sabeti Wain the ERCC will develop and in the near future stage the Inaugural World Airlines Cycling Road Race in Dubai.

Football Team.JPG

The Corporate Sports Championship Dubai is the premier Corporate Wellness event in the UAE and brings together global and local companies for two days of Sports, Wellness and Friendly competition. Over 2000 participants making up 400 teams, from 15 industry's compete, to take home the coveted community sports shield until 2020.

Sabeti Wain Aerospace took part with its own football team made from members of staff from the Dubai facility. They may not have been crowned winners but the whole Sabeti Wain Aerospace team were proud to take part.

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