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Through crisis comes victory and a new friend

Around midnight on 5th May, the Sabeti Wain Aerospace van – used for transporting vital PPE to the NHS - was stolen.


After seeing our appeal for information in the local newspaper, the Bucks Free Press, John Ridgley got in touch to offer daily transportation to Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

Picture: William Pennells of Sabeti Wain passing scrubs to John Ridgley, owner of JR-Travel Private Hire.

John owns a private car hire company, and has seen his daily work slow down dramatically due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Everyone at Sabeti Wain Aerospace would like to thank John for volunteering to do these daily trips transporting vital PPE until we can source a replacement van.

The kindness shown is great to see – especially at this difficult time for the whole world.

John Ridgley - 07762 886208

JR-Travel Private Hire

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